Sukamade Adventure Tour

Sukamade Adventure Tour – Starting at 09.00 am in the Jajag Meeting Point, we will drive for about 4 hour with normal speed. Our first destination is Pulau Merah beach, the place you can surfing or just sea swimming. In mid day, we continuing drive jeep to Meru Betiri Ntional Park. On the way we will stop for rubber plantation, brown sugar processing, and rajegwesi fisherman village for picture and bit relaxing. Then finished at  Wisma Sukamade homestay.

After dinner in homestay we will drive jeep about 20 minutes to Sukamade Beach check point, and taking short walking with local guide/ranger to the beach. Sometimes we have to waiting for unpredictable time before see the turtle. Because this is natural wildlive, we can’t making prediction at what the time the turtle will come and laying eggs. So… anti mosquito cream is really recommended to prepared.

After the local guide/rangger found turtle that laying the egg already, we can get closer to take picture, without flash as the ranger said at briefing before. Complete procces, from laying the egg, close the hole, and making camuflage hole, and back to the sea, is taking about 2 hours. Then back to the homestay and overnight.

Next day we have to wake up early at 5.00 am, have breakfast and drive back to Sukamade Beach check point for releasing baby turtle to the sea. After that, drive back to Jajag meeting point.

On the way back to Jajag meeting point, we will check possibility treeking to Teluk Hijau, the place where you can swimming, snorkling, or just enjoy your time in white sandy beach.